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The Pentacle

The Pentacle

Suits of the Tarot : The Pentacle

The Pentacle represents the earth element, associated with fertility, health, material wealth, and family.


Earth signs include Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.


This print features a five pointed crystal atop a set of bull horns, surrounded by lush flowers and herbal sprigs. 


    9"x 12" image size, 11" x 15" paper size

    Dry Point Etching on BFK

    Hand etched zinc plate, hand printed. 


    Option of white or gray paper.

    Because of the handmade aspect of these prints, slight differences between prints is typical. 




    No Returns 


    Damaged Prints : A full refund is available for prints that arrive damaged. Must email photos of damaged art within 7 days of receiving package. 


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