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Telas Y Trenzas

Telas Y Trenzas

Framed by morning glories, three Spiders guide a pair of hands as they braid hair and ribbon together.

In Native and Central American lore, the spider is associated with the Creator, a Grandmother Spider weaving the world and our fates before us. Morning Glories are known for their hallucinogenic properties in Central America and were used by priests to contact the ancestral spirit world. 

As the spiders guide the hands, weaving their spun ribbon into the briad, so does the wisodom from generations passed guide us today.


    12"x 12" image size, 15" x 15" paper size

    Relief Print on BFK

    Hand carved linoleum plate, hand printed 


    Option of white or tan paper

    Because of the handmade aspect of these prints, slight differences between prints is typical


    No Returns 


    Damaged Prints : A full refund is available for prints that arrive damaged. Must email photos of damaged art within 7 days of receiving package. 

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