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A woman stands in the center of the image, a fruiting tree sprouting from the crown atop her head. A phoenix flies up, just above her crown. To her left, she holds a chalice, the crecent moon contrasting the dark sky behind. To her right, she holds a blade, the sun disc standing out against its rays. 


This print is based on alchemical illustrations of the The World Tree. The fruiting tree represents the wisdom budding at the branches of the sacred tree and the phoenix represents rebirth and immortality. The blade and sun are seen as symbols of masculine power. The chalice and moon are seen as symbols of the feminine mystery. In understanding and achieveing the balance between masculine and feminine power comes Enlightenement, wisdom and rebirth.


    12"x 12" image size, 15" x 15" paper size

    Relief Print on BFK

    Hand carved linoleum plate, hand printed 


    Option of white or tan paper

    Because of the handmade aspect of these prints, slight differences between prints is typical


    No Returns 


    Damaged Prints : A full refund is available for prints that arrive damaged. Must email photos of damaged art within 7 days of receiving package. 

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